bmw brake service


BMW Brake Service

Top of the Line BMW Brake Service.

Make sure your are always safe when your on the road. the Brake system of your BMW is the most important part of your car when it comes to safety.

Your life and the ones you love depend on your brakes. At Prestige Auto Tech we understand why it is so important for you to be aware of how your brakes work, and to be alert of signs that your brakes need maintenance. No matter what your break system needs Prestige Auto Tech is here to make sure your BMW is running correctly.

Relax and let certified professionals with the latest technology tools perform a complete analysis of your BMW brake system and correctly repair any malfunction or maintenance. We’re commited to provide absolute customer satisfaction. Our auto repair specialists are dedicated to providing professional service. Call Us Today! 305-969-0892

Do not bet on your safety and the safety of your passengers, obtain a full BMW brake service that can guarantee you peace of mind when you need to stop your vehicle.

All of the parts we used on your vehicle are original and certified, so you can feel at ease and make sure that your car is receiving the best quality. A BMW specialist will always be available for you to answer any doubt or concern you may have.

Using only the best parts, Prestige Auto Tech specialists will:

Install new brake pads and / or shoes
Replace drums and / or rotors
Test drive your vehicle

Also check, inform and perform maintenance for :

Wheel cylinders
Parking brake assembly
Master cylinder
Power booster
Brake hoses
Brake drums and rotors
Brake fluid
Anti-lock braking system components (ABS)
Wheel bearings

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