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BMW Alignment

BMW Alignment helps you maintain total control of your vehicle and feel comfortable while driving with a professional BMW Alignment for your vehicle. Obtain elegance and satisfaction when you drive your BMW.

Protect your BMW Life and improve performance with a professional BMW alignment, balance and wheel maintenance.

Prevent premature tire ware that may be cause by incorrect alignment. With a professional BMW alignment your tires will last longer and you will safe money by not having to replace tires constantly.

Improve your steering wheel so you can get on the road and cruise. Plus, reduce your engine’s force which will help you safe money while improving your gas mileage.

Additionally, protect your BMW’s suspension system that may be damage if your BMW’s alignment is not properly done. With our excellent quality service you get to reduce the impact your suspension¬†absorbs on the road.

We recommend that you check your vehicle’s alignment once every year for optimal performance.

With a great selection of top industry tires for your BMW, Prestige Auto Tech is committed to provide you with a high quality service that is honest and guaranteed. We’re commited to provide absolute customer satisfaction. Our auto repair specialists are dedicated to providing professional service with wheel alignment, wheel balance and tire installation. Call Us Today! 305-969-0892


Adjust wheels so that they are set to the car specification.
Visual inspection of steering mechanism.
Visual inspection of suspension mechanism.
Tire pressure adjustment.
Check Tire Valves.


Remove old weights
Check Tire Install New Weights
Remount wheels to rims

Tire Repair

Tire removal
Tire complete inspection.
Liner repair (to guarantee airtight seal)
Patch puncture.
Balance and Reinstall
Tire Check

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