BMW AC Repair

BMW AC Repair

BMW AC Repair And Service

BMW AC Repair – In South Florida there are few things as necessary as Air Condition in your car. The heat can get pretty intense and not having a good air condition system in your car can become a frustrating experience.

It’s always important to check your AC system and to make sure that is working properly. Here are some of the common signs that can alert you of a possible problem on your AC system.

  • The air it puts out isn’t as cold as it used to be.
  • A funny smell is coming from the vents.
  • The air conditioner’s drive belts, compressor, or blower are noisier.
  • You hear a rhythmic clicking noise under the hood when you turn on the
  • air conditioner or defroster.
  • The defroster no longer defogs the windshield effectively.
  • You find water on the floor of the passenger compartment.
  • The cooling fan keeps cycling on and off.

If you are experiencing one of the above or other problems, bring your car to Prestige Auto Tech. Our BMW AC repair specialist will make sure to give you the best service and the best price to inspect and repair your Air Conditioning System. We’re commited to provide absolute customer satisfaction. Our auto repair specialists are dedicated to providing professional service. Call Us Today! 305-969-0892

Our service includes:

  • Check and adjust or replace the belts that drive the air conditioner.
  • Check and clean the fins on the radiator and air conditioner condenser.
  • Check all the air conditioner hoses to make sure that they’re open and in
  • good condition.
  • Check the vacuum control lines.
  • Check all the electrical connections.
  • Check/Replace the compressor hardware.
  • Check the duct outlet temperature.
  • Make sure that system pressures meet specifications.
  • Test the low-pressure cut-out switch.
  • Check afterward for leaks.

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