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7 Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Repair Shop.

We’ve all been there, your car broke down unexpectedly, your schedule is limited and you have a tight budget so you need to find a reliable shop that will help you fix your car fast, without charging you tons of money and that is trustworthy so you know they will do the job right the first time.

Choosing a repair shop can be a difficult experience, there are many options out there, they all offer you the best experience but unfortunately not all of them deliver, so when choosing a repair shop you need to be careful and follow certain guidelines.

How do you decide which is the right shop for you? Below you can find 7 advices that will help you choose a trustworthy and reliable auto repair shop.

1. Do they give you a fair price? – Who doesn’t like to save money? You want to find a shop that will give you the best price couple with a great service. Make sure to get a couple of estimates from different repair shops and find out what services are included for the price given. Make sure the price is within a reasonable range. Usually independent repair shops offer lower prices than dealers or department stores so make sure you get an estimate from an independent shop.
2. Do they use original or factory parts – Original parts are made specifically for your vehicle, usually come with a factory guarantee that can give you peace of mind, and they may raise the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it.
3. Are they certified? – There are several organizations that test, rate and certify facilities and technicians. Make sure to ask any repair shop for their certification credentials or look around their facilities they should have a sign that displays their certifications.
4. What kind of tools and technology are they using? – You want to find a shop that has the right tools/equipment for your vehicle. There is nothing worse than a mechanic or technician improvising with your vehicle. Make sure to find out or look around the shop to see if they use the latest technology.
5. Is the place clean and well organized? – Presentation tells you a lot about general attitude. If you find a shop that is dirty, sloppy and disorganized run for your life cause they will carry the same attitude when fixing your car.
6. Do they guarantee their work? – Guarantees usually range from one month to a year. You want to find a shop that will offer you at least three months guarantee for their work. If the shop doesn’t want to give you a guarantee, look for a new place.
7. Are they open and willing to answer all of your questions? – As a customer you may have many questions and concerns, a good repair shop should help you answer all of them. Make sure they offer you the opportunity to communicate with a professional