bmw battery replacement

BMW Battery Replacement

BMW battery replacement – The Prestige Auto Tech professional BMW battery replacement service includes:

  • Use of memory safe device to maintain settings of electrical devices such as the radio, seats, mirrors and more.
  • Removal and recycling of old battery
  • Inspection and cleaning of battery tray
  • Inspection of battery cables and cable terminal ends.
  • Inspection and installation of new battery.

The battery is part of the ignition system and stores electrical current that your BMW uses to start. The battery also passes electricity along to the parts of your vehicle that need electricity to function.

The battery, like any other part of your BMW, is subject to wear and tear and should be checked regularly. At Prestige Auto Tech we offer you a full inspection of your electrical system including the battery, the starter and alternator.

Prestige Auto Tech offers affordable BMW battery prices for all types of BMW models. Our BMW service specialists are ready to assist you to find and replace your BMW Battery. All of our service & repair technicians are certified and trained to treat your BMW with the highest quality standards.

When you replace your battery at Prestige Auto Tech, you can rest assure that we will replace your old battery with a brand new certified battery so you won’t have to worry about getting stranded or having any malfunction.

Once we replace you BMW battery, we won’t just dump your old battery into the trash, where it’s a hazard to the environment. Your disposed battery will be safely exchanged and sent to a recycling station as you purchase your new car battery. we’re commited to provide absolute customer satisfaction. Our auto repair specialists are dedicated to providing professional service. Call Us Today! 305-969-0892

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