BMW Maintenance & Protection Plans

BMW Maintenance & Protection Plans

bmw oil changeBMW Maintenance - You do not need to worry about a break down and the high cost of auto repairs!

  • No long term contracts (You can cancel at anytime)
  • No deductible
  • No waiting time
  • We only require a free inspection of your car
  • If everything is good, your coverage will start the same day.

Golden Plus Membership

• Engine: Engine block and heads, internally lubricated engine parts, etc.
• Cooling System: Heater core, radiator, thermostat, water pump, header control valve, cooling fan motors, fan, clutches, sensors, etc.
• Fuel Pump (Mechanical or Electric): Housing, diaphragms, springs, valves, and actuating lever.
• Fuel Injection: Fuel injector metering pump, fuel injectors, fuel distributor, pulsator, sensors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel rail, etc.
• Turbo Charger: Internal parts, vanes, shafts, bearings: housing if damage is caused  by a breakdown of any of the above covered parts.
• Transmission (Automatic): Transmission case internal parts.
• Transfer Unit (4x4): Case and internal parts
• Drive Axles: Internal Parts
• Drive Shaft, Center Support  & Universal Joints: Including constant velocity joints and tripod joints.BMW Repair Shop
• Steering (Manual and Power): Internal parts in rack and pinion, internal parts in recirculating ball housing, power steering pump, steering pump, steering main and intermediate shafts.
• Electrical and Electronics: Alternator, generator, voltage, regulator, front wiper motor, starter motor, and solenoid, starter drive and ring gear, power window switches, power seat switches, etc.
• Air Conditioning: Compressor, internal assembly, including pistons, rods, valves, bearings, and shafts, clutch, coil, and pulley, orifice tube, condenser, evaporator core, etc.
• Front Suspension: Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts, and bushings, upper and lower ball joints, steering knuckles, stabilizer shafts and bushings, etc.
Brakes (Non ABS): Master cylinder, power assist boosters, and valve wheel cylinders, calipers, combination valve, steel lines, and fittings, etc.
• Anti-lock brake system (ABS): The non-ABS covered components listed above plus the following: Booster and pump, master cylinder control processor, and solenoids, sensors solenoid valve block/PTV valve, etc.
• Seals and Gaskets: Seals and gaskets are covered  for components and/or parts listed.
• Car rental, towing and car wash for life.

Basic Membership

• Oil change: Regular oil change every 3,000 miles, synthetic oil change every 6,000 miles.
bmw fuel system cleaner• Front & rear brakes: Brake pads, sensor and rotors will be replace when needed.
• Drive belts: Belts will be replaced when needed.
• Tire Rotation: Performed every other oil change.
Fuel injection system: Cleaning every 15,000 miles
• Car wash for life.

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BMW Maintenance